Protect Your Aadhaar Biometric Data

Aadhaar Biometric Data

The most important step in guarding the Aadhaar biometric data is locking the biometrics. This protects all personal information from possible risks and abuse, thereby enhancing privacy and data integrity. The potential misuse of Aadhaar’s biometric data poses great threats, such as identity theft and fraudulent financial transactions, among others. Recent reports about trading personal … Read more

WhatsApp Encryption Controversy Risks India Departure

WhatsApp Encryption

On Friday, WhatsApp declared to the Delhi High Court that they would shut down their services rather than break their end-to-end message encryption. WhatsApp’s representative, Advocate Tejas Karia, underscored their commitment to privacy and encrypted communication. “We will shut down WhatsApp if we have to break encryption,” he stated before a Bench of Acting Chief … Read more

Cybersecurity threats and measures to protect data.

Keeping that private stuff under wraps has never been more critical than now, in this digital era we find ourselves in. Cybersecurity threats have become increasingly sophisticated as time has passed, becoming a significant hazard for people like you, me, businesses, and even governments. Now that technology is advancing at a seemingly unattainable rate, the … Read more