Google I/O 2024: Expected launches summarized

Google will host its yearly developers’ conference, Google I/O, on May 14, 2024, at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California. The event will live-stream Google’s latest AI developments, showcase Android 15, Wear OS, Google TV, and Android TV, and potentially launch the affordable Pixel 8A.

Pixel 8A

The Pixel 8A is expected to be announced as the company’s affordable smartphone in its A-series lineup. Like previous A-series devices, it should bring many of the same features as the flagship phones but at a more pocket-friendly price. The rumoured specifications are that it may come with the Pixel 8’s Tensor G3 processor and a 120Hz refresh rate display, besides sporting three cameras: the main (64 MP), ultra-wide (13 MP), and selfie (13 MP). They might sell this phone in three colors: blue, porcelain (beige), and obsidian (black), if rumors were true.

Pixel 8A could inherit AI tools such as Best Take or Magic Editor from previous Pixel series like Pixel 8. The estimated cost for this device would be around $550, which is slightly higher than the $500 tag on last year’s model while still being below the top-tier price of $700.

Android 15

One expectation during every Google I/O event is software unveilings showing what new features we can look forward to. This encompasses Android versions they intend to release progressively, focusing on enhancing productivity, improving privacy measures, and ensuring higher security standards. Among these changes, one can expect application archiving and unarchiving options aimed at aiding storage management on our devices, as well as extended support for satellite connectivity, among others. The platform, which makes use of contact keys, could also result in new end-to-end encryption. Android users have a chance to access the beta version while waiting for the official launch date.

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AI Updates

ChatGPT competitor Gemini might see an announcement during Google I/O. If it does, Gemini could become the main assistant on Android phones for those who choose to enable it. Additionally, there may be more AI tools added, such as Circle to Search.

Wear OS 5

During the I/O event, Google should introduce Wear OS 5, which will bring improvements in watch face formats and design catered to a wider range of device sizes, aimed at giving smartwatch users an even better overall experience.

Android TV OS

Software updates might also chat with Android TV alongside Google TV platforms this year, bringing them several new features plus performance upgrades so that people can enjoy streaming more conveniently while still making navigation friendlier than before through improved usability.

Other Upgrades

Besides these major ones, we expect various other Google product line updates at I/O 2024, including but not limited to Google Pay, Google Wallet, Google Chrome, Google Maps, Flutter, and Angular, to demonstrate how dedicated they remain to innovating across each of their product lines.

However, these are all predictions, and the event boasts a mix of hardware and software advancements, with a focus on AI and Android, among other major product lines from Google. Hence, stay tuned for live feeds or any other exciting developments during the show on May 14th.

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