Google Pixel 9: Release, Price, and Latest Rumors

The company’s latest and most powerful phones are the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. However, this will not persist. The Google Pixel 8a may replace these flagship gadgets, but they will remain “the most powerful” for some time, according to rumours. The Google Pixel 9 is in development, but its release date is unknown.

Correct, this year should bring two amazing phones. Our few leaks about these next phones suggest more dramatic in-store changes than normal. If those projections are right, we should see a new look and AI functions. before, before

Regarding specs for each device expected to come out: Google Pixel 9 Pro XL!

Google Pixel 9: WhenWhen will it come out?

Last year, Google’s Pixels debuted in September and were released a month later in October, so one may assume an identical launch pattern at another Made by Google event this autumn.

October has always been a consistent month for the launch of mainline Pixel handsets, and based on historical patterns observed over time, this trend doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. However, things could still change between then and now, even though everything suggests that October 2024 will likely be the year consumers can get their hands on the latest Pixel models.

Google Pixel 9: How much will it cost?

Pricing is complicated to predict this early in the game. The Pixel 8 and 8 Pro added $100 to their line-up last year, starting at $699 and $999, respectively. Google is unlikely to raise rates for identical reasons two years from now, but it may happen if these new models make major AI advancements. However, there is no such information at present. models, models

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Another thing worth noting is the reintroduction of the XL model into the family. Although nothing concrete has been announced about it, we can expect three versions coming out next year: ‘Pixel 9,’ ‘Pro’ as ‘e’ll a’, and an upgraded, larger-sized version called ‘XL’. This may affect the manufacturer’s pricing decisions.

Google Pixel 9: design

8.5mm, Google has also embraced flat sides, like Samsung and Apple. Instead of curved ones, the Pixel 9 has flat sides, which will likely be a significant change and a good one. As for size, it’s said it’s a 6.03-inch display with dimensions of 152.8mm x 71.9mm x 8.5mm, according to 91Mobiles.

The Pixel 9 Pro looks like the Pixel 9 but has different cameras. Google’s Pixel 9 Pro will have three back cameras. While only the Pixel 9 Pro has a telephoto camera, both phones will have primary and ultrawide cameras, if last year’s patents are any indication.

Due to its wider chin and forehead with dual speakers, the Pixel 9 Pro is projected to have larger bezels than the Pixel 9. The Pixel 9 Pro’s 6.1-inch display (renders don’t show properly) may mean fewer bezels than the base Pixel’s.

This phone may be the Google Pixel 9 Pro XL, not the Pixel 9 Pro. It has a 6.5-inch display and, like the Pro model, contains all three cameras and a temperature sensor.

Google Pixel 9: specs

Unfortunately, there’s no mention of RAM numbers attached to any member belonging to this series so far. Still, some rumours have been circulating about what might happen if those chips contain certain key features. As it stands, there isn’t anything known at present. However, word on these streets tells us all we need to know about them, thanks mainly to the credit being given to who knows best when giving out such juicy tidbits like these.

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Google Pixel 9: software and updates

The Pixel 9 will presumably come with Android 15, as is customary. However, what else can we expect besides a brand-new Android version?

But where things get interesting is in AI. Google has been playing with AI for some time now, and many have hotly anticipated Gemini on smartphones. People think the Pixel 9 will be Google’s next Pixel since the Gemini Nano’s hardware restrictions prevented it from being the Pixel 8. According to Google, this could be a gem-powered assistant called a Pixie. Pixel 9 would need additional RAM for AI processing, but spec leaks over the coming several months will determine this.

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