Google Wallet in India: How It’s Different from Google Pay

In India, Google has introduced a digital wallet app called Google Wallet. This program protects users’ personal information, such as loyalty cards, transit passes, IDs, and more. However, the company assured that it would not disrupt its widely used UPI app, Google Pay.

What makes Google Wallet different from Google Pay?

According to an FAQ page on the Google Wallet website: “Google Wallet is a secure and private digital wallet that lets you quickly access your payment cards, passes, tickets, keys or IDs you share on the app.”

On the other hand, Google Pay helps users manage their money and finances. This app also allows users to send money to friends and family, earn rewards, find offers from favorite merchants, and get insights about their spending habits, as the blog post explains.

Meanwhile, speaking at an event around launching its service in India; Ram Papatla (GM & India Engineering Lead, Android at Google) said: “Google Pay is not going anywhere; it will remain our primary payments app. Google Wallet is specifically tailored for non-payment use cases,”

How does one use this service in India?

It comes pre-installed on all Pixel smartphones sold within the country; others should be able to download it from the Play Store. Users can also store their card details digitally through an application provided by the Mountain View-based tech giant, but according to a statement released today, wearables won’t get support!

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Origin of Google Wallet:

In 2011, Google launched the Google Wallet app, which later merged with the Android Pay app in 2018 to create Google Pay. However, Google rebranded its two separate apps for UPI payments, Tez and Pay, into one before eventually renaming it the global version of itself—Google Wallet—during this year (2022).

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