Microsoft Xbox Store: Overview, Launch, Supported Platforms

Microsoft recently announced the launch of the Xbox Mobile Store as an independent gaming platform free from closed ecosystem store policies. It is set to debut in July of this year, featuring mobile games from Microsoft and its studios initially. The company would expand the store to partners, said Sarah Bond, the president of Xbox, while speaking at the Bloomberg Technology Summit.

What is Microsoft Xbox mobile store?

Initially, it was a web client for a cross-platform gaming-centric mobile experience across countries, devices, and platforms. Also, it claims independence from the policy of closed ecosystem app stores. Although there could potentially be an app dedicated to it in the future,

Microsoft Xbox mobile store Games catalogue

Microsoft plans to introduce first-party portfolios such as Candy Crush and Minecraft. Additionally, they anticipate bringing premium game titles like Activision Blizzard’s Call of Duty: Mobile to the Xbox Mobile Store. Also, at some point in time, Microsoft added that they would extend this to partners.

Microsoft Xbox mobile store Key differentiators

During the debut of their Xbox Mobile Store, Xbox President Sarah Bond highlighted the Xbox Experience. She suggested it might offer more than just game distribution. Bond emphasized the absence of a unified gaming platform that operates across multiple devices. She noted the importance of a system that lets users carry their identity, library, and achievements with them. Bond stressed that users don’t want to be restricted to one system, hinting that the Xbox Mobile Store could fill this market gap.

How will the Microsoft Xbox mobile store work?

Since the Xbox Mobile Store initially launches as a web client, it is expected to need a side-loading option for these games to run naturally on their respective devices. Although Android devices support side-loading, iOS-based Apple iPhones do not offer this capability. This clearly suggests Microsoft’s anticipation that Google and Apple might one day open up their ecosystems for third-party app stores.

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Apple relaxed restrictions that allow alternative app stores on iPhones in Europe and enable developers to bypass its payment mechanism due to the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) that came into effect in March this year.

According to a blog post by Apple, “We are giving developers distributing apps in the European Union more flexibility, including introducing a new way to distribute apps directly from a developer’s website.”

However, they apply specifically to iPhones sold in Europe.


Microsoft expects its Xbox game store to be distinct from other platforms by not connecting to any specific ecosystem, setting it apart in the gaming market. This approach has the potential to introduce a unique gaming experience for users across different platforms, and it will be interesting to observe how this strategy shapes the industry.

Market size

Despite the global focus on PC and console gaming, mobile gaming generates nearly as much income as the two combined. Due to increased smartphone usage and mobile device adoption worldwide, Statista expects mobile gaming revenues will reach over $173.4 billion by 2026 (Statista research, April 24th).

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